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​In addition to being a full time actor, I am also an artistic empowerment coach. I help actors and artists discover their authentic voice, tell story from an impassioned place, and make space for a creative happy life!

The Happy Actor was born - truthfully - out of necessity. As I'd look around at auditions or industry events, I saw so many actors who looked - tired, frustrated, and just plain unhappy.


I thought - wait a second- didn't we all get into this career to play? To have fun? To live our best lives? 

So! I built a program to help actors feel good ALL the time, not just when they book. It's easy to get lost in all the chaos that is our industry. This is A space for women, folks of color and LGBTQIA artists offering one on one & group coaching, interview series' with creative professionals providing support to find success in your artistic career, opportunity and safety to discover your authentic story, and make room for a well rounded creative happy life. I help actors find their happy! 

What are you ready to let go of this year? 

No matter what it is, know that you have support and remember - none of us "make it" alone. ​

Check out our feature in VoyageLA Magazine!  

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