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Native Gardens

Cleveland Playhouse

Native Gardens

"Natalie Camunas has the soul of Tania, and unfurls it with ease and purpose."

Cleveland Scene | Gwendolyn Kochur

"Camunas plays Tania with fire and passion for her beliefs, but also with a respect for others. She is likable and carries herself as an informed and respected individual."

News-Herald | Bob Abelman

"The ensemble of seasoned actors create fully-fleshed and genuinely likable people." | Andrea Simakis 

"...well-played by actors who seem to be having more fun than any job should allow."

The Solid Life of Sugar Water

Deaf West Theatre 

U.S. Premiere

LA Times | Margaret Gray

photo credit Brandon Simmoneau.jpg

"Camunas and Apostolina aren’t just narrators on the sidelines. They’re alter egos, inner children, souls…they create an unusually compelling emotional landscape. All four performers are appealingly warm and likable."

Broadway World | Shari Barrett 

"Speaking actor Natalie Camunas... gives voice to Alice's most private thoughts, with the true partnership presenting both characters visually and verbally to perfection."

Stage Scene LA | Steven Stanley 

"Camunas is absolutely terrific. Short and bittersweet and powerful, packs one shattering punch. Don't be surprised if it ends up being one of the year's most acclaimed, talked-about productions."

Stage Raw | Paul Birchall 

" emotionally vibrant production. Beautiful, genuinely moving drama about daily life and tragedy."

Seven Spots on the Sun

The Theatre @ Boston Court

West Coast Premiere


LA Times | Margaret Gray

"Camunas portrays Mónica with an appealing naturalism."

Broadway World | Gil Kaan

“One of the best and riveting theatrical experiences I've seen in the Los Angeles theatre scene this year...Natalie Camunas, pitch-perfect as Mónica. Bring a box of tissues for the highly climatic scene showcasing the acting prowess of Nichols, Rivas, and Camunas. One of the most deserving standing ovations. Wow! Wow! And Wow!"

Stage Scene LA | Steven Stanley

"Performances could not be finer...Camunas gives girl-next-door Mónica...layers of love and compassion and fire."

Pasadena Star News | Frances Baum Nicholson

"Natalie Camunas, offers up the terror and frustration of a woman caught in the middle... an intellectual feast."

Broadway World | Roy Berko

American Mariachi

Denver Center for Performing Arts / The Old Globe

World Premiere


San Diego Union Tribune | James Hebert

"...and the sweetly awkward, Jesus-praising Gabby [played by] Natalie Camunas, stealing several scenes with a memorably quirky performance."

Broadway World | E.H. Reiter

"American Mariachi is a brightly engaging and sentimental play that tugs at your heartstrings...circumventing traditional norms supported by their first- rate cast, including the adorably awkward and non-Spanish speaking Gabby [played by] Natalie Camunas."

Latin Life Denver | Tony Garcia

"The characters speak Spanish and English, work, love their families and have dreams. We find the characters are normal. That is one of the greatest beauties of American Mariachi, the profound yet simple truth that we are normal, in our contemporary political environment there is tremendous power in that concept."


24th STreet Theatre / Legion Arts / Martha's Vineyard Playhouse

pang-10-25_Ray Shaw__64653_.jpg

Stage Raw | Terry Morgan

"Natalie Camunas does fine, subtle work as Oscar’s daughter "Naomi," but she is absolutely brilliant in the L.A. story, portraying a variety of phone personalities and recorded messages that hammer home the hopelessness of the family’s situation."

Little Village Mag | Laura Johnson

" I cannot imagine that one person left this remarkable show unaffected. Natalie Camunas beautifully voices Oskar’s daughter Naomi. Everything about this performance is remarkable." 

Vineyard Gazzette | Louisa Hufstader

"Natalie Camunas...compellingly took on the roles of adults and a dozen children in three families who have limited access to food. Hard truths and creative vision add up to stunning theatre."

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